Erin Andrews Appears in Gritty Gridiron GQ Shoot

Erin Andrews gets down & dirty in a new photoshoot for GQ magazine.

Erin Andrews GQ 2

• Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable ducks & weaves from questions about his alleged clobbering of assistant Randy Hanson.

• Hey, Georgia Bulldogs fans - please pass the caviar, s’il vous plait!

Jeremy Mayfield’s stepmom won’t keep off her stepson’s lawn. What, is she high? Why, yes she is!

• A group of senior bowlers in Oregon put the beat down on a would-be purse snatcher. We must protect these lanes!

Michael Jordan & Nike are turning the Basketball Hall of Fame into a hall of fake.

• Is it really wise of the Philadelphia Eagles to advertise Michael Vick apparel on the same page they’re selling jerseys for dogs?

• After all these months of suspenseful speculation, we finally have closure - yes, Pudge Rodriguez returns to the Texas Rangers.

• Will the pain ever ease for the Cubs fan falsely accused of showering suds onto Shane Victorino?

• When it comes time to enter Canton, Michael Strahan would rather have Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer help induct him than his own dad.