Erin Andrews Always Uses Protection At Games

• Please don’t bother Erin Andrews while she’s trying to work  - or her Bristol-based bodyguards will beat you up.

Erin Andrews

(”If you come even this close to me, my boys will snap your neck.“)

• Yardbarker’s Dewey Hammond gets all choked up meeting MMA fighter Frank Shamrock.

• An ex-Florida Gator who swiped a dead woman’s credit card is charging toward a spot on the Ole Miss roster.

• The Massillon Tigers get their own 80,000-square foot indoor football practice facility. Did we mention that Massillon is a high school in Ohio?

• Take heed, pigskin peasants! Roger Goodell is doing his best to keep Super Bowl seats out of the hands on unscrupulous scalpers.

• Who knew Baby Mangino costumes would become such a national sensation?

• NBA fans are all a-Twitter with “The Real Shaq’s” message updates.

• Does Canada have a better standard of living than the U.S.? Not when it comes to pro football linemen.

And the winner of today’s David-deluged Clever Caption Contest is…

David Beckham David Arquette at Lakers game

BPR, with this amusing overhead observation:

Basketball Officianados
DA: Kolbe’s really playing great tonight.
DB: Yeah, and Bill Jackson’s rectangle offense is amazing.

Thanks to everyone for contributing. We’ll be bouncing along another caption contest your way tomorrow. And we promise - no more David Arquette. For now.