Eric Moulds Will Sign Your Face With His Fists

Take note, autograph seekers: If you see ex-Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds hanging out, just minding his own business in a bar, and think it’s appropriate to ask him for an autograph, it is not. He will punch you in the face. Especially if you’re an Iraq War veteran. Ooh boy, this story’s got just about everything.

Eric Moulds

Police in Buffalo are investigating an incident from early Friday morning involving one of those fantastic Nor’easter barfights that put the rest of the nation to shame. Apparently, Moulds was out reminiscing about the olden days with current Bill Josh Reed when a man approached him in order to tell him how great he was and, you know, maybe just get a small signature of his as a memento. Moulds, meanwhile, just wanted to be left alone. And here is where the conflict began.


Sources are telling News 4 that former Bills player Eric Moulds is under investigation in the incident. Current Bill player Josh Reed was at the bar, but not involved in the fight.

An Iraq war veteran was allegedly assaulted by the former player at Liars early Friday morning.

Yeesh. That’s not going to win over the “hearts and minds” of people getting pulled out of their jobs for jury duty. The good news is that if they do get on the jury, they’re going to see themselves some sweet surveillance video of the fight:

There are conflicting reports about when it occurred, but we’re told a video surveillance camera caught a fight on tape outside Liars on Chippewa.


In any case, this whole event kind of makes you respect those crazed autograph seekers a bit more, right?