Gagne Once Again Proves Nothing In Life Is Free

So I finally found something worse than watching Eric Gagne pitch this season - a free ticket giveaway that isn’t free.

Eric Gagne

(Q: What does Gagne’ offer and your rental car company have in common? (answer below))

Drew Olson of and ESPN Radio Milwaukee reports today that Brewers reliever Eric Gagne is giving away 5,000 tickets to tonight’s Brewers-Pirates game via the team’s official site (hurry up!).

Olson: “Gagne, who has drawn fan ire with some shaky relief work this season, purchased 5,000 tickets to the game, which will be given away free to fans through the team Web site.”

Why, how tres genereux of our friendly, neighborhood underperforming Quebecer who used to be a roided-up Dodger.

Sadly though, much like that price your favorite airline and/or rental car company and/or hotel quotes you, there’s a catch.

More Olson: “Fans requesting the complimentary tickets will be subject to a one-time $2 fee for printing their ticket order at home, or a $4 per order fee for picking up at Miller Park will call. The tickets are first come, first served, and the inventory of 5,000 available is expected to be exhausted quickly.

So the Brewers are charging you a fee for printing your own tickets on your own computer - or a $4 “order” fee to pickup the “free” tickets at the ballpark?

The team’s cheap seats for the game are listed at $14 for tonight’s game, so I suppose you still enjoy a tidy little saving on the nosebleeds … UNTIL YOU PAY $15 TO PARK.


Now, I know the Brewers are in the middle of a frenzied push for the playoffs, but what about having 5,000 tickets just hanging around doing nothing for today’s game against the Pirates? Think this might be a bit of a marketing ploy by The Crew to drum up attendance for the game? Nah, course not.

So to recap: Gagne offers free tickets that you actually have to pay for - for seats that would’ve gone mostly unsold anyway. And if you end up buying taking them, you could very well pay $19 out of pocket for the privilege of those gratis ducats. All to watch the Pirates while seated somewhere southwest of Kenosha.

Merci, Monsieur Gagne!

A: Hidden Charges