Enquirer Claiming Clinic Planted Tiger “Lookalike”

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER moved quickly today to counter photos from X17Online posted today purported to be the man previously identified by the Enquirer as Tiger Woods at a sex rehab center in Mississippi:

Enquirer Claims Sex Rehab Clinic Planted Lookalike

In a laughable effort to cover up Tiger Woods’ stay in a sexual addiction clinic, a Tiger lookalike was trotted out in front of a group of paparazzi at the Gentle Path rehab center Friday in Hattiesburg, Miss. The bizarre and ridiculous ruse was a clear attempt to make it look like The ENQUIRER’s exclusive photo of Tiger in rehab is not him.

And even though one photo agency Web site fell for it immediately, the differences between the two Tigers ARE obvious to even a casual observer.

So kudos to whoever dreamed up the idea of Fake Tiger, but as you can tell by reading this, it’s the details that count. Plus we’re willing to bet everything that Fake Tiger can’t break par.

Yes, this has crossed over to the point of idiotic.

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I’ve talked to reporters on the ground today and was told that the man was not a plant by the clinic or Woods’ handlers. But having covered this very closely since it originally broke in November, I’ve learned never to rule anything out.

I do though believe that Woods will likely never admit to ever having been at a sex addict clinic. So there’s a good chance we’ll never know if he was indeed at Pine Grove.