Emmitt’s Speech At Obama Rally Not “Debacled”

AWFUL ANNOUNCING has an interesting find. Politics aside, a video of former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Emmitt Smith taking the podium in Dallas and delivering a barn-burning speech for Barack Obama would not be notable in and of itself — except for the fact that there is not one Emmitt-style neologism in the entire speech.

I wonder whether there was a TelePrompTer for Smith’s speech, because it looked like he was improvising — and I always assumed his grammatical blunders and Emmitt-isms on “NFL Countdown” came when he riffed instead of going with the prompter.

Could be the other way around, as a prompter tends to wreak havoc with newbie analysts (watching Keyshawn Johnson guest host for Jim Rome on Monday was proof of this.)

Or maybe Obama’s magical powers of oratory transform the mumble-mouthed into compelling public speakers.