Emmitt Smith’s Employment at ESPN ‘Blowed Out’

It’s been such a joy to watch Emmitt Smith on ESPN’s NFL programs. Of course, it really isn’t for his brilliant analysis, but the brilliantly baffling way he can mangle the English language. A latter-day Yogi Berra, if you will.

Emmitt Smith Dancing With The Stars

(And he’s quite a dancer, too)

Sadly, we won’t have Emmitt to wow us on the Worldwide Leader anymore, as both parties have apparently parted ways.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK, fresh off of fixing their earlier access problems, tells us that Emmitt is no longer an employee of the boys from Bristol. Not only that, one of the NFL’s best running backs ever won’t even get a big send-off from the “SportsCenter” network.

As PFT further informs us, “There will be no formal announcement — and presumably no going away party.  Or vodka-fueled roast.”

Nope, all there is is the standard ‘we wish him well in his future endeavors‘ statement:

“We thank Emmitt for his contributions to ESPN and work ethic the past two years,” ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer told us via e-mail.  “We wish him all the best.”

Yes, it is a dark day in sports broadcasting history. But thanks to the “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, we’ll still have our amusing memories:

‘JKS’ also shared with us Erin Andrews in a black dress judging an in-show spelling bee. And Jimmy himself gave us yet another gem when he said a special hello to Joe Theismann during a 2007 visit to the ‘MNF’ booth.

We salute Mr. Kimmel for providing us with such sporty pleasures over the seasons. Maybe we should start watching his show.