ESPN Just Realized Emmitt Is Horrible at His Job

If I came into my office every morning and slept underneath my desk, or just spent the entire time I was there openly blogging on various internet sites, I would expect to be fired. Actually, scratch that last one.

Emmitt Crying

Point being, if you stink at your job, you should get fired. ESPN finally woke up and smelled the roses, deciding not to bring Emmitt Smith back to NFL Countdown. PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports that Cris Carter will be brought in instead to torture give us the news on Sundays with Chris Berman & crew.

ESPN is expected to make the formal announcement soon.

Emmitt will be replaced by Cris Carter, whose enhanced visibility could help his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame on the second try. (Then again, if Carter does a bad job or comes off as a blowhard, it could hurt him.)

Emmitt will remain on Monday Night Countdown, and he’ll have a role on the Sunday morning pre-Countdown version of SportsCenter.

I would like to extend a hearty “WHAT THE HELL TOOK SO LONG?!?!?!?!?!” to everyone involved in this decision making process.

Emmitt is brutal. Personally, I’m not even a huge fan of him as the all-time leading rusher, but there’s not a whole lot any of us can do about that. Except maybe hope Tavaris Jackson figures out that he is, in fact, supposed to hit his receivers’ hands.

Finally though, what’s with this graduated move off of ESPN? Let’s make this whole thing happen, please. No Monday night, no Sportscenter, nothing. Stick him and Berman on a boat bound for that “Lost” island and let’s all just move on. Kthxbai.