Emmitt Is The Amazing Kreskin of NFL Countdown

On a blustery Sunday night in northeast Wisconsin, it was third Tynes the charm for the New York Football Giants. We imagine Seinfeld fan Eli Manning gave this post-game greeting to Brett Favre:

Brett Favre Eli Manning Soup Nazi

No Soup-er Bowl for You!

Guess Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila’s cinema inspiration didn’t work. While the Green Bay Packers feel blue about their season suddenly ceasing, the Giants are delightedly destined for the Arizona desert - where they can thaw out their significant others.

As AWFUL ANNOUNCING discovers, the NFL Championship result wasn’t a big surprise to NFL analyst Emmitt Smith, who made this bold pre-game prediction about the G-Men:

If they win today, the could possibly go to the Super Bowl and make an appearance there.”

Amazing. No wonder he’s earning the big bucks to provide such insightful analysis for the Worldwide Leader.

Meanwhile, in an even bigger shocker, New England was able to hit the mute button on Bill Belichick’s favorite song, and the Pats are packing their bags for Phoenix.

Patriots New York Giants

Like many playoff games already this year, Super Bowl XLII will be a rerun - as both teams already met in the regular season, which was quite profitable for some folks. Sadly, Round Two will only be on one network.

And once again, the Boston-New York rivalry dominates the sports landscape. (Or more specifically, Foxboro [or Foxborough?] vs. East Rutherford).

You know the real reason why the NFL Championship has resulted in this matchup?