Embezzler Buys New Boobs, Texas Tech Tickets

Meet the NaukamsAnna M. and Eugene III, who will get my vote for the Embezzlers Hall of Fame when they become eligible in five years. Not only did Anna Naukam allegedly steal $461,586 from the state of Oklahoma in her capacity as director of a child welfare advocate agency, but she then made in rain, Oklahoma middle-aged woman style.

Anna Naukam Texas Tech boobs

Among stuff allegedly purchased by Anna with the ill-gotten gains: Cosmetic breast surgery and Texas Tech football tickets. Guns Up! Plus, her son’s tuition at the University of Oklahoma. Keep in mind that this was taxpayer and donated funds intended to help children.

Key quote from Attorney General Drew Edmondson in the story in THE OKLAHOMAN: “We … hope at some point we’ll be able to recover some of that money for the children of the state.”

My advice on that $8,100 for a boob job? Just let it go, because man, that money is gone.

Naukam, 51, was the Oklahoma CASA Association executive director for about 10 years until being fired in OctoberGrand jurors allege the Naukams misused association credit cards to pay for such things as vacations in Mexico, cosmetic breast surgery, Texas Tech football tickets, Victoria’s Secret lingerie, a PLAYBOY MAGAZINE subscription, dental expenses, their son’s college tuition at the University of Oklahoma, vet bills, health club memberships and home remodeling work.

A hot tub for their home cost $2,703, according to the state audit. Granite counter tops cost $6,004. The plastic surgery cost $8,100. The grand jury alleged they made 55 purchases totaling $6,384 on the association credit card at Victoria’s Secret.

“I had no fear,” Anna Naukam told auditors, according to the state audit.

And to play you off, let’s put in a nice Barry White CD for background music, as you first look at the photo above left, and then contemplate 55 purchases at Victoria’s Secret totaling $6,384. *SHUDDER*