Elway’s Son Avoids Getting Marinoviched, Quits

Overbearing sports fathers are, quite obviously, nothing new. You see them ruining Little League baseball games and Pop Warner football games, to say nothing of the yelling that seems just a touch out of place at an 8-and-under soccer game.

John Elway Football
(Looks like there won’t be a sequel to this game.)

Fortunately, it looks like John Elway isn’t making the same mistake Marv Marinovich did (or is at least pulling the plug on the mistake a lot sooner), encouraging his son Jack Elway to walk away from the Arizona State football team after Jack, a redshirt freshman quarterback, indicated a lack of desire to keep playing.

A little aside before we go on: did we make the right call on the image for this one? It was that or a “Varsity Blues” reference, and “Varsity Blues” is only funny when it’s the guy from “Dawson’s Creek” and Jon Voight, not some Elway heads sloppily pasted on. So we think this was the right call. Tell us if we’re wrong; we can take it. But back to the topic at hand.

Jack Elway, a redshirt freshman at Arizona State, decided to leave the team last month, during spring practice. He remains enrolled at the school as a student.

“He sounds better,” John Elway said, according to the report. “Just talking to him, it’s like the world has been lifted off his shoulders. So I’m happy for him.”

Elway said his son did not love football to the degree that he had, according to the report.

“Obviously, he had the talent to play in college. But it wasn’t in his makeup,” Elway said, according to the Post. “As I told him when we were talking about it, ‘You know, if you don’t love the game of football, it’s too hard. It’s physical and it’s a brutal sport. You have to absolutely love it.’ “

It does seem awfully curious that the article ended up having three quotes from John Elway and none from Jack; doesn’t anyone want to know how Jack feels about the situation?

We were curious about Jack’s perspective, so we went to his website, JACKELWAY.ORG. What a train wreck that site is. How many athletes have an official website with such glowing endorsements like these on the front page?

  • Jack Elway really take some chances with the ball because he has too much confidence in his arm.
  • Jack Elway can be erratic and inaccurate, especially on the deep ball. The arm is impressive, but he will spray the ball around. Jack Elway delivery is quick, but he will wind up when he needs some extra mustard.
  • This is a wild colt at QB who needs to be tamed and harnessed.

Again, that’s all on his own official website. No pressure, Jack!

But we’re getting away from the main point: if he doesn’t love football and his dad’s cool with it, then leaving the game now is a happy ending. It’s especially good because, as mentioned above, he’s staying enrolled at ASU. We’re not saying that out of concern for his academics, far from it. We’re saying that because there are few, if any better places to be as a sexually active young man than Tempe, Arizona. Sweet Jesus, are their girls gorgeous. Go get ‘em, Jack.