Sir Elton John Has His Eyes On A Pair Of Twins

If we told you Sir Elton John was a baseball fan, how would you respond? Is it really that surprising? After all, there’s nothing in The Gay Manifesto: How All Gay People Act All The Time (this book, by the way, doesn’t exist - for many, many reasons) that says gay people can’t like sports or anything. Still, that’s the sort of thing to which about all you can say is, “Well… I guess I never knew that.”

Elton John Duck Suit
(Evidently, when it comes to hockey, he’s a big Anaheim fan.)

Sure enough, Elton’s a fan of the game, to the point where according to the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, he recently got a hold of the Twins’ Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau to exchange autographed pictures with the pair. Why Morneau, it wasn’t exactly clear, but John had some high words of praise for Mauer (H/T: MOUTHPIECE SPORTS): 

John told Mauer he’s the best catcher in the major leagues and said he wished Morneau played for the Atlanta Braves, of whom John is a big fan.

You know what? Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean we’re going to be immature. Why, we’ll pretend like an Elton John quote about “the best catcher” is totally innocuous. No, no double entendre there whatsoever.

Also, you may have noticed the bit where he says he’s a big fan of the Atlanta Braves. As it turns out, John’s only residence in the states happens to be in Atlanta - a giant penthouse on Peachtree, if you were curious - and he’s maintained a residence there for nearly 20 years now.

See, you’re learning so much about Elton John today. Here’s one more thing: he’ll write a song about anything.

(Bonus: look for the Osbournes in the crowd. It’s easy.)