Radio Hosts Try to Make Elton a Philly Brand Name

Elton Brand in a Sixers’ uniform? Some local radio hosts are working on it.

Elton Brand Clippers yelling

(”Get me out of here!”)

Dan Schwartzman & Harry Mayes of 950 ESPN PHILADELPHIA interviewed the current Clipper on Thursday. Brand is in the last year of his contract, but has his eye on possibly playing somewhere else before his release from the grip of Donald Sterling.

And “The Locker Room” guys tried their best to convince the former All-Star to bounce to the City of Brotherly Love.

Elton admits that he’s heard clamoring to bring his services to Philly, and knows that Sixers fans want their team “back in the limelight“. (So more people can hear their booing, we guess.)

And the 950 fellas were doing their darnedest to promote their hometown & team - the salary cap room, the strong nucleus of young players, the player’s coach in Mo Cheeks … the cheesesteaks!

Dan & Harry mentioned to the Peekskill, New York, native that playing on the East Coast would be closer to family & friends, to which Elton jokingly retorted, “I don’t want to be *too* close to family and friends.”

The hosts further sweetened the deal by telling Elton that in the Eastern Conference, he wouldn’t have to “bang around with big men” like Greg Oden, Shaquille O’Neal & Tim Duncan - basically telling Brand (who’s been to the postseason only once with the Clips), “You’re in the playoffs *every* year!

Elton was impressed with the sales job, responding, “Wow, it’s like an infomercial for the East!

At the end of the interview, Brand told the guys to check with their producer to get the number for David Falk, Elton’s agent.

Sure, why not have Philly sports radio do the dirty work of Sixers management? Then again, it just might work!

Full audio of the interview can be heard here.

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