Elton Brand Buys One Of Rocky Balboa’s Houses

When it comes to the six Rocky movies that have been made, different people have different opinions about which movie in the series was the best one. While some consider Rocky II and Rocky III the best ones, from my experiences discussing these films, most people claim the first or fourth efforts as their favorites. Personally, I like Rocky IV because not only does he avenge Apollo Creed, but he also crushes Communism in the process. Still, what generally everybody agrees on is that Rocky V was the worst one.

Of course, the fact that Rocky V sucked did absolutely nothing to keep new Philadelphia 76er Elton Brand from buying the house used in the movie.


He’s paid $3.35 million for a six-bedroom, nine-bath English Cotswold-style stone mansion in Gladwyne, according to Montgomery County records.

The house, on 4.3 acres of the old Alan Wood Steel family estate, was used in the 1990 shooting of Rocky V and has an indoor pool. It had been on the market on and off for the last year for as much as $4.5 million; its last asking price was $3.495 million. Previous owners paid $3.2 million in 2004 and supposedly renovated heavily.

Well that’s one way to endear yourself to your new fans. I’m pretty sure if you asked somebody from Philadelphia who the five greatest people to ever call the city home were, you’d get Rocky Balboa, Rocky Balboa, Rocky Balboa, Mike Schmidt, and Benjamin Franklin as your answer.

No word on whether Elton plans on doing all his training for next season in a montage.