Eliot Spitzer Has No Reason to Visit Macon Now

There’s little more repelling than the harsh scent of desperation. Calling too soon after the meet cute; asking for a loan from relatives repeatedly; declaring “Eliot Spitzer Night” 24 hours after the downfall of the naughty governor. It’s wise to stay away from all these people since they’ll just burn a hole through your wallet and/or your immortal soul.

Ashley Dupre aka Ashley Youmans

(The South Coast League can’t even afford her now)

Sound advice, considering the Macon Music (who we reported earlier could not pay the electric bill) and the entire South Coast League has shuttered after one year of existence in a flailing attempt to pay down debt and make a comeback next season.

Of course, staying topical, the league blames the shutdown on the sub-prime housing market collapse:

“There’s a lot of debt out there, and just like everybody else, we’ve had a tough time closing in on that debt and securing new equity for the company.”

The South Coast League is a money sink with legitimately awful ideas pouring from it that needs an angel with mounds of discretionary income and no chance that he could make the situation worse than it currently is, preferably one that brings a famous face to the table. And no one’s called Isiah Thomas yet?