Elin’s Sweden Home: No Winter Indoor Plumbing!

Marcus Oscarsson of GlobalPost.com has the first extensively detailed portrait of the new Swedish island home of the wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren. Some of those details indicate that it may in fact be impractical for Woods and his family to live there in winter, as the house has no indoor plumbing from October to May.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Swedish Home

(Elin’s new home enjoys ideal winter conditions. For a sherpa.)

Elin Nordegren Woods’ new home is so private that in winter you need a hydrocopter to reach it. Located on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Tiger Woods’ wife’s new estate is surrounded by miles of ice. Nordegren Woods paid $2.3 million for the estate, which includes a main house, three small guest houses, two outdoor storehouses, a private beach, a mini-harbor and a boathouse sauna.

As noted, during the winter water passage is often impossible to the island. Even in the best of conditions, a two-hour ferry from Stockholm is only available three times per week. In other words, the paparazzi would have an exceedingly difficult time reaching the area. If at all.

“When it is ice, the only way to get here is by hydrocopter,” (neighbor Urban) Andersson said. A hydrocopter is an amphibious aircraft-propelled catamaran often used in arctic coastal regions during times of freeze and ice. “During the winter time, almost no one lives on the island,” he said.

Tiger Woods Home In Sweden Faglaro Island

Nordegren’s extended family lives in neighboring Vaxholm, a city of 4,800. In ideal conditions, you can also catch a 30-minute water taxi to Elin’s island estate. But in winter, again, forget it. And although Elin dropped over $2M+ on the manse, neighbors on the island report that the house needs work. Lots of it.

“Tiger and Elin have a lot to do before the house reaches a nice level. They took over the house as it was,” opined a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous. “If you ask me, they need to paint it both outside and inside. The interior can certainly be improved as well as the bathroom and the garden. It is all rusty and worn. But I guess they can afford it.”

The house is also not private, as neighbor Andersson notes, “there is almost a full view from neighboring houses.” More bad news: there are no stores of any kind on the island. Any food or other necessary items are available only on the mainland.

Map of Tiger and Elin Woods home at Faglaro Mansion Sweden

Most importantly, indoor plumbing can only be used on the island from May to October.

Reason: fresh groundwater well levels are so shallow in the winter that if too much fresh water is used, salt water will contaminate all wells on the island. So all fresh water has to be transported to the island in winter.

As for golf, when weather permits, there are two courses available in the area with both being a little less than an hour boat and car ride.

However, Oscarsson reports that summers, “bring a vivid tourist life to the island as the owners of the 60 estates arrive to spend their vacations.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Swedish Home

Stenaake Johansson, the island homeowner association’s chairman: “Everybody is welcome here. In the summer time we have, for example, soccer school and midsummer festivities, and I hope the Woods family would like to participate in our summer activities.

After reading Oscarsson’s piece, I think it’s a longshot at best that Woods and his family will end up in the island home anytime soon. Perhaps the family could stay in Stockholm or Nordegren’s hometown of Vaxholm, but living on the island would certainly be roughing it.

Then again, there is probably no man on earth more obsessed with privacy than Woods. And with his means, I guess you can’t rule out anything.