Elin’s Mom Not “Ailing”, Never Went To Arizona

If you look back at what you think you know about the Tiger Woods story starting the day after Thanksgiving, much of your perception of what happened can be attributed to what the most credible outlets at the time were reporting. Like PEOPLE magazine.

Elin's Mom Not In Arizona As Reported By People

Monday it was reported by People that Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren flew to the Phoenix area to visit her “ailing mom” in the hospital, prominent Swedish politician Barbro Holmberg:

“Elin’s mother is having private treatments in the U.S., ” a source tells PEOPLE of Elin hopping a flight to pay her ailing mom a hospital visit. “Even though it is paid for in Sweden, her mother had private treatments here before and really liked where she was.”

But a prominent newspaper in Stockholm, Sweden, reported earlier today that a spokesman for Holmberg confirmed Wednesday that Elin’s mom isn’t “ailing” nor is she in Arizona.

Translation from Sweden’s EXPRESSEN:

According to several media Elin has traveled to Arizona, where Tiger was previously admitted to treatment centers. People say that she is there to visit his mother Barbro Holmberg, who the newspaper is being treated in a private clinic.

It denied by the Secretary exministerns: “I have been in contact with her today in the Castle of Gävle. It’s all right with her at all.” says Susanne Åkerlind

Has she been in the U.S. over the weekend? “No, not that I know of.”

Åkerlind’s translated statement, “It’s all right with her at all,” means Holmberg’s health is fine.

Everything that we all think we know about the Tiger Woods story is based on one big media beauty contest. The anonymous-sourced story that comes from the most established media brand is always the one most people cite as gospel. But from what we know now, five months later, a good many of those stories are often wrong.

On the current, swirling divorce rumors, when you have some independently verifiable evidence that points to a breakup, get back to me. Same with Elin being in Scottsdale.

We’re all just taking outlets like People’s word for it on these things, which as you can see is about the same as flipping a coin.