Elin’s Mother: On The Record About Tiger Woods

Barbro Holmberg, the mother of Elin Nordegren, spoke on the record to US Magazine about her daughter’s ordeal during Tiger Woods‘ now-admitted infidelity.

This is a private family matter,” Holmberg told Us. “I’m praying for everyone and everything to be OK. Please let’s just leave it at that.”

Holmberg’s take on Tiger’s alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel? “You seem to know more than enough already,” she told Us. “There is enough for them to handle already. Please can you give everyone space.”

While tight-lipped about the situation, she did have one comment that might give insight into what she and Elin are really thinking.

The Swedish mother is similarly dismissive of reports of her daughter’s supposed involvement in Friday’s crash, and suggestions that a heated argument led to Tiger’s injuries. “This is gossip,” she said.

The fact that Holmberg attributes reports of conflict between her daughter and Woods as “gossip” might indicate that she doesn’t think things are as bad between the couple as is being reported.

Perhaps that’s a clue that all of the reporting about Nordegren attacking Woods physically before the accident has been overblown. Or maybe grandma is going into damage control herself to help facilitate reconciliation between her daughter and the golfer.

Regardless, Holmberg’s “gossip” comment certainly gives us pause as we jump to conclusions about the state of Woods’ marriage.

UPDATE: Holmberg’s comments, though cited as coming on different dates by US Magazine and other outlets, appear to have originated on November 28. So her observation about “gossip” may not now be applicable.