Elin Offered $5M Now, $80 Million Later To Stay!

Gerald Posner of THE DAILY BEAST reports that if Tiger Woods wants to keep Elin Nordegren as his wife, it will cost him $5 million now, and up to $55 million in just two more years.

Elin Nordegren to get $80M in new pre-nup with Woods

(Sure beats $300M though, eh Eldrick?)

And the revised agreement provides for a staggered schedule of payments spread out over five years that could be worth upward of $75 million. So for Elin to collect $80 million, she’ll need to stay with Tiger another seven years. Even if she lasts only two more years, she’ll still walk away with nearly twice what she was entitled to under the original prenup.

Would you do seven years on Tiger Island for $80M?

In case you were wondering about the true character of Woods, and how Nordegren really feels about him, I think we now have our answer.

So why is Woods’ so frantic to hand over such an insane amount of money to a woman some suspect scratched up his face and took a golf club to his car?

Because if he doesn’t pay now, he’ll be paying more later - in lost endorsements. Woods needs Nordegren to stay with him to maintain the fraudulent image that will cause his sponsors to likely honor his deals with them short-term. Woods has morals clauses in most of those contracts, and an ugly divorce on top of everything else we now know could be a death blow to his endorsement career. At least among his brand advertising partners.

What also makes Nordegren so valuable is that until now, she’s been a team player for Woods and not sought an ounce of publicity for herself. Posner notes:

A Los Angeles-based paparazzo told me that a photo of Elin and the children would fetch $250,000. Some agencies are offering $100,000 just for tips that pay off with photos.

Exaggeration? Who knows. But when was the last time you saw Nordegren photographed outside of with Woods or at a golf tournament. Stealth swede she is.

Personally, I wish she’d leave Woods, take the kids and get half of his empire. He deserves it. If not more.