Dukes Gets Into More Crap, Cleans Out Zoo Cages

Elijah Dukes has been a bad boy in the past. But the former Devil Ray & current Washington National is confronting some of the messes made in his life.

Elijah Dukes mandrill baboon

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES wipes up news that Dukes was able to reduce his current probation by completing some community service - namely, cleaning up cages at the local Tampa zoo.

Elijah, who’s currently on the Nats’ DL list with a hamstring injury, spent 25 hours this past week “cleaning out cages and mopping at Lowry Park Zoo.”

Dukes had been sentenced to a one-year probation last fall for misdemeanor marijuana possession. But after his adventures with monkey droppings & penguin poop, a Hillsborough County judge decided to stop the supervision.

It’s so perfect that a player who’s created so much crap in the past year would have to spend his time shoveling it.