Elijah Dukes Accused Of Using Steroids With Devil Rays Covering It Up

DIVORCE LAWYER: DUKES’ STEROID USE CAUSED BREAKUP: The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports this week on the Elijah Dukes divorce proceeding, which somehow keeps getting uglier (and no, we’re not talking about his wife).

Nishea Gilbert Wife Of Elijah Dukes

The Times notes from yesterday’s court hearing (for which Dukes showed up 15 minutes late): “The attorney for the estranged wife of beleaguered Devil Ray Elijah Dukes says she has concerns that the team’s management knows that Dukes is taking steroids and is trying to hide that information.

Elijah Dukes

Dukes’ wife NiShea Gilbert claims that their problems in part stemmed from his steroid use, which caused erratic and violent behavior. NiShea’s attorney Catherine Real yesterday said, “This gentleman was a gentle man. All of a sudden, what the heck happened?”

For the record, Dukes was tested for the Juice in Spring Training and came back clean.