Wedding Photos: The New Mr. & Mrs. Eli Manning

Yes, ladies, it’s not just some joking with the paparazzi. The news is true - Eli Manning has officially tied the knot. The Super Bowl-winning QB has received another trophy, as Peyton’s li’l brother married college sweetheart Abby McGrew on Saturday.

Eli Manning wedding photo

(Guess the blue tint on the camera lens was in honor of the Giants)

The ceremony took place down in Baja, at some swanky resort in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. (Guess our Evite ended up in the spam folder.) It was nice of Eli to exchange vows in such a warm locale, especially after making Abby camp out on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field last January.

About 60 guests attended the “private” ceremony. But that didn’t stop the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS from snapping some pics! The wedding album starter set begins after the jump.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Eli Manning, shown again through instant replay:

Eli Manning wedding photos

The opposing line-up Eli was facing across the altar that day:

Eli Manning wedding photos

Abby huddling up with her teammates to diagram some honeymoon plays:

Eli Manning wedding photos

Peyton reading the defense, looking to run an end-around to the bar:

Peyton Manning at Eli Wedding

Looked like fun was had by all. Rumor has it that when Abby threw her bouquet, David Tyree made a fantastic catch using the top of his head. Now he’s on injured reserve, trying to pick rose thorns out of his scalp.

Anyway, we wish the happy couple years of…um, happiness. Hope Eli will have better luck than the last NFL QB spotted south of the border.