Eli Manning Booed In Bar For Switching Yankees Game To Monday Night Football

TOO BAD THE OLE MISS-VANDY GAME WAS BLACKED OUT!: Eli Manning continues to be a fan favorite in New York, thanks to his unparalleled ability to analyze game situations and then make the proper play call.

Eli Manning

Take for instance Manning at a Manhattan sports bar last Monday night. Of course, all of the establishment’s plasmas were on the Tribe giving Joe T. and the troops their last rites.

Page Six next reports “The country bumpkin Giants quarterback asked the sports bar manager to change from the baseball game to the Cowboys-Bills game. ‘The crowd booed him for it,’ our source said. ‘Yet the manager acquiesced and changed one of the TVs.’

That wasn’t the right call? Well, it was probably just a gaggle of leather-lunged Jets fans who are jealous of his stellar playoff and regular season record collection.