Elder Booty Brother Drinks, Drives, Gets Tased

Is TMZ working on a sports division? This season, they’ve been all over Tom Brady and Tony Romo, and now they’re working the low end of jock DUIs. Now better known as the brother of former USC QB John David Booty, former LSU QB Josh Booty was busted for DUI in Orange County yesterday, and then tasered later for being less than cooperative.

Josh Booty mug shot

Since TMZ’s lacking a bit in actual info, we go to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, citing a sheriff’s lieutenant that Booty “fell to the ground, struck his head on the table on the way to the ground and sustained a black eye”after being Tased during the booking process.

The shocking part? (Pardon the pun.) Booty is apparently working for FOX SPORTS in some capacity, as a “television and radio sportscaster.”

I know networks will hire just about any ex-jock available. Hopefully he’s solely talking about college football, as he never took a regular-season NFL snap (and I’m not even sure about whether he took any in the pre-season.)