Eight Home Runs In One Game On This Date

CATCHER’S 8 HOME RUNS PACED 51-3 BASEBALL BLOWOUT: Over 100 years ago today, Corsicana whipped Texarkana 51-3. But this wasn’t a football rout - it was a baseball blowout:

Corsicana Oilers

On June 15, 1902, the Corsicana Oilers drove the Texarkana Casketmakers to dig their own diamond graves in a 48-run Texas League triumph. The busiest bat of the day belonged to Jay Justin Clarke, a 19-year-old Canadian catcher who slammed *eight* home runs off of the hapless Texarkana hurler:

Jay Justin Clarke Balco

Eight homers in one game? Just imagine if BALCO had a Corsicana branch.