Edwards To Sue (Discounted) Pants Off Marshall?

Shane Bacon at FANHOUSE cites a report from something called the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES that indicates U. of Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards may sue for damages after his horrific injury last night.

Houston Reciever Breaks Leg Patrick Edwards On Equipment Cart

Edwards suffered a compound fracture of his left lower leg after running into an equipment cart behind an end zone during the Houston-Marshall game.

No lawsuit had been spelled out in initial reporting on the story. So the report from the Times is the first indication that Edwards could be interested in legal action.

From the IBT:

The cart had been left a few yards past the out-of-bounds line. It is not clear why the cart was there in the first place, but is however stirring speculation that Edwards and his family may file a lawsuit.

Well, that’s not exactly a rock-solid indicator that there will be a lawsuit, but we more than likely don’t need an non-bylined, unknown media outlet to tell us that Edwards is going to be taking some legal action.

It is interesting to note that Edwards blamed the presiding, on-field officials for not moving the equipment cart. Instead of fingering the Marshall band. You wonder if that was calculated with litigation in mind. I wouldn’t want to be that officiating crew right about now. Not to mention C-USA officials and of course, the folks running Marshall.

Patrick Edwards Houston Receiver Broken Leg

We also don’t yet know how badly Edwards is injured. The worse it is, and the less chance for a full recovery, the higher likelihood that a lawsuit will be served.