Edgerrin James Takes Out Gold Teeth To Improve Endorsement Chances

• WILL DENTAL DAMN GIVE JAMES AN ENDORSEMENT EDGE? On ESPN’s “PTI” this week, MIAMI HERALD columnist Dan Le Batard said NFL Cardinals running back Edgerrin James has taken out his trademark gold teeth and said, “More endorsements if you don’t (have gold teeth). A little more mainstream.

Edgerrin James Gold Teeth

Since when was our man Flavor Flav not mainstream?

Flavor Flav

• SNL WAG - MANNING CAME UP WITH CHILD ABUSE ANGLE: “SNL” head writer and cast member Seth Meyers recalled to the BOSTON GLOBE Peyton Manning’s performance, saying the Colts QB “showed up and right off the bat wanted to do something where he was mean to kids. That’s free comedy right there, so we were happy to oblige.

Peyton Manning Kids

Wonder if that deep-seated yearning had something to do with this?

• NFL BANS “DOG”, “OOKIE” FROM MICHAEL VICK JERSEYS: Darren Rovell reports today that “the NFL banned the word ‘Ookie’ and the word ‘Dog’ from the back of jerseys in light of Michael Vick’s indictment related to dogfighting.”

Michael Vick Ookie Jersey

Yesterday, I was able to get those words, as well as many others, through the first step of personalization on NFLShop.com. Today, the site rejects anyone who hopes the league will put Vick’s nickname ‘Ookie’ on the back of his number 7 jersey or any other team jersey for that matter.”

UPDATE: Rovell reports Nike has “suspended” the release of Vick’s upcoming new Nike shoe.

• BAG HANDLERS ENJOYING EXTENDED SUMMER VACATION: The BOSTON GLOBE reports today that PGA Tour player Joe Durant, who is entered in the British Open, dropped $700 at The Open merchandise tent because his luggage had not arrived as of last night.

Durant, after two days wearing the same clothes, said, “If I look like Groundhog Day, you’ll know why.”

Meanwhile, Celtic FC, which is pitted against the MLS All-Stars tonight in Denver (yawn), had to postpone practice yesterday after baggage handlers at Denver International Airport could not locate their cleats when the team arrived Monday night.

We would say unbelievable. But of course, that would be the wrong word.

• SAB - Vladimir Guerrero and Coolio (thanks to reader Scott):

Vladimir Guerrero

• The Mayor of Sherman Oaks, Larry Brown (LARRY BROWN SPORTS), organized a great shindig in L.A. for local sports bloggers last night in Hollywood. Nice to meet everyone and hope we can do it again!