Eddy, Lasorda Have Something In Common? Cool!

So let me get this straight, Charles Barkley, who has yet to be convicted for DUI and said all he wanted was some oral sex, has already lost his job and a mega endorsement deal. Meanwhile, teflon Tommy Lasorda, who last year was accused of soliciting oral sex from a prostitute (while watching porn) *shudder*, keeps his job with the Dodgers while also maintaining a mega endorsement with the Aamco transmission repair company.

Tommy Lasorda Eddy Curry Have Something In Common? Cool!

During Lasorda’s ordeal, his attorney publicly threatened to slap a lawsuit on a woman who claimed in a book to have provided prostitutes for the former Dodger blowhard manager. Funny thing though, the lawsuit never went forward even though Lasorda’s lawyer said at the time, “if she prints these lies, I intend to sure.

Well, she did - and Lasorda’s lawyer didn’t.

And everyone since in Los Angeles and around the country has seemingly forgotten about the incident. Especially the good folks at Aamco!

Enter Eddy Curry, who was recently sued by his former male limo driver. In the claim, the driver accused the NBA underachiever of numerous, sexually deviant acts against his person.  Curry has vehemently denied the accusations by the driver, and his lawyer has since gone on the offensive, assassinating the accuser’s reputation in the media.

And now, Curry’s lawyer is taking a page straight from the Lasorda-sex-act-defense playbook.

NEWSDAY reports today:

Eddy Curry is considering a defamation suit against his former driver to combat the explosive sexual harassment and racial discrimination accusations levied against the Knicks center, Curry’s lawyer told Newsday yesterday.

“We’re considering any and all legal remedies,” Curry’s Chicago-based lawyer, Kelly Saindon said, “because this is just crazy.”

Wait a minute. Curry is merely considering suing the guy who said he was a anti-semitic homosexual who forced him to retrieve the NBA player’s ejaculate-strewn towels?


If you were Curry, and you had been accused of something that heinous, wouldn’t you have filed a lawsuit yesterday? Like any man falsely accused, wouldn’t you be shouting from the rooftops, sprinting into Court to nail your accuser’s a$$ (ok, poor choice of words in this case) to the floorboards?

Maybe it’s just me, but the reax from Curry and his counsel sounds a lot like the fake protestation and indignation from Lasorda’s lawyer. Which in Lasorda’s case, came to *SHOCK* nothing.

Of course, there’s still is a possibility that a lawsuit from Curry may actually proceed. More likely though, in my opinion, there won’t be a countersuit. I’m thinking a discreet settlement will come about immediately after the din from the initial public reax dissipates. And that’s the last we’ll hear of it - until Curry next stiffs the Rochester Big & Tall tri-state outlet.

I had no idea Curry’s Chicago-based lawyer was a Dodgers fan!