Eddy Curry’s Son IDs Family Killer; No Arrests?!

Back when we first found out that Nova Henry (Eddy Curry’s “baby mama”) and her infant daughter Ava had been murdered, the Henry family had been adamant about who they suspected the killer was. Henry’s uncle told reporters that she had a “stalker boyfriend,” against whom she’d had a restraining order. Now, there’s even more damning evidence against that suspect, thanks to the eyewitness testimony of Curry’s 3-year-old son Noah, who according to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, told his family, “Fred did it.”

Eddy Curry
(Back in Chicago to grieve.)

Fred is Frederick Goings, a 36-year-old lawyer on the South Side of Chicago and the man the Henry family had pointed at from the very start. Goings has a history of abuse with Henry and her children, and police immediately sought and detained him following the murders. But after hours of questioning of the man, who was found in an Indiana motel room, Goings was released without being charged.

The spokeswoman for the Chicago PD, Monique Bond, didn’t have much to say in her department’s defense:

Monique Bond said detectives “interviewed” Goings about the killings while he was in custody in Indiana. Bond would not say why Goings, a 36-year-old lawyer, was freed. “We have to continue to gather evidence,” she said.

The testimony of the only known eyewitness, even if he’s only three years old, might be a good start.

Considering the violent nature of the crime and the relationship between the victims and the accused, if the obvious is true and Goings is the killer of Nova and Ava, then his ability to walk free is particularly frightening to the rest of the Henry family, who have made no secret of their suspicions. And the CPD’s inability to act may be costing the Henrys their safety:

“Why hasn’t anybody arrested this man?” (stepuncle) Tom Henry, who lives in Houston, told the Daily News. “They’re afraid he’s going to come back. … They’re terrified.”

Any attorney can tell you that the testimony of a toddler is notoriously unreliable, for obvious reasons; if you touch one anywhere, hand them a doll, and instruct them to point on the doll to where they were touched, most will point to the crotch no matter what. Priests, quite understandably, would like to see that mode of questioning done away with. But when the only living witness to a murder is found covered in the victims’ blood and can not only identify the alleged killer, but do so on a first-name basis, action needs to be taken by the police. Immediately.