Blog Jam: Eddy Curry Would Make a Fine Gymnast

• YAHOO’s BALL DON’T LIE showcases the winners of their fun photoshop contest featuring Eddy Curry as an Olympic gymnast.

Eddy Curry gymnast photoshop

• ESPN reports that the Milwaukee Bucks will face the Golden State Warriors in two exhibition games in China this October. This would make a lot more sense had Yi Jianlian not been traded to the Nets.

• L.A. BALLS bounces along news that despite their popularity with fans, the USC football team will not be sporting black jerseys anytime soon.

• THE SPORTS DOLLAR cashes in with their helpful guide to the Six Types of Sports Bloggers.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED finds Chris Duhon and Ben Gordon shooting the Bull about slaves.

• TRUTH ABOUT IT looks back on the late Kevin Duckworth’s days as a Washington Bullet.

• RIVER AVE. BLUES doesn’t understand why some Yankees fans are ready to give up on the season.

• CHICAGO BULL is getting worried about the White Sox pitching staff.