Eddie Jordan Can’t Feel Wizards, Fired From Team

Eddie Jordan will no longer act as head coach of the fantastically awful 1-10 Washington Wizards, replaced by a nominal front office presence that has been shadowing the team all season. According to WIZARDS INSIDER, Ed Tapscott runs the team as of practice this morning.

Eddie Jordan yells

Jordan took over the club in 0 B.Z. (Before Zero), joining the franchise in 2003 when Gilbert Arenas did.  After a brutal 25-win opening campaign, Jordan managed to hold the Wizards firmly at mediocre, never straying from a few games over .500 and only advancing in the playoffs once before becoming LeBron James’ warmup series in three consecutive postseasons.

Ed Tapscott, on the other hand, has been president of the Knicks and Bobcats and had been Director of Player Development before this new title.  A return to D.C. must have been inevitable since his coaching career started at American University.

Considering that he’s been in place for a year, Eddie Jordan must have known that even a slightly rough start would do him in. Considering the Wizards didn’t dump this information on a Friday night but saved it for Monday morning practice, they must really want everyone to know Jordan is gone.

Gilbert Arenas has been oddly quiet about this news, though we may have been asking the wrong one.

Gilbert Arenas and his wax figure