Economy Forcing London Olympics to Go Cheap

The global financial crisis is threatening to tone down spending for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Existing venues may be used for some events in lieu of constructing new ones.  The event, which was already slated to be smaller in cost and physical size than the 2008 Beijing Games, is having trouble securing loans for the Olympic Village and is also scaling back its broadcast center.


(London’s 2012 Ghettolympic Games)


(London) Mayor Boris Johnson told a parliamentary committee yesterday that the Olympic Park will be “cozier” than that used for this year’s Beijing games. The Chinese government spent four times the amount the 2012 organizers are planning to spend on the games.

Some further ideas for a budget Olympics (after the jump):

  • Medals - Made of chocolate with foil wrappers
  • Drug testing- Replace with honor system
  • Opening Ceremony - Carrot Top
  • Women’s Beach Volleyball - Eliminate uniforms
  • Swimming events - Held in English Channel
  • Equestrian events - Use large dogs instead
  • Discus - Combine with Skeet Shooting
  • Pommel Horse - Replace with coffee table (watch out for sharp corners)
  • Decathlon - Shorten to Athlon
  • Fencing - Eliminate unnecessary masks
  • Basketball - Half court, shirts and skins
  • Ping Pong - Play on dining room table with pantyhose tied to popsicle sticks for net
  • Closing Ceremony - Two words: sock puppets

It’s pretty obvious the Games don’t have to be an ostentatious extravaganza.  Come on, London, show us you can entertain on a budget!