Ecomony Causing Bobcats to Bounce Employees

The U.S. economy is looking pretty grim at the moment. As Congress bickers over putting together a financial bailout plan, Washington Mutual was seized by the government late Thursday after it became the biggest US bank ever to collapse.

Charlotte Bobcats mascot Rufus

(Charlotte Bobcats mascot Rufus saves gas money by biking to work)

Figures that such financial strain would soon rear its head in the sports world. And that’s bad news for employees of the Charlotte Bobcats, as the young NBA franchise is on the verge of cutting a whole bunch of team jobs.

John Lombardo of SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL reports that as part of an on-going major reorganization, the Bobcats are looking to trim about 30 to 40 spots from its 161-member front office staff. Some sources say the layoffs could come as soon as today.

The downsizing began earlier this month when team Executive VP & CMO Greg Economou left the franchise, and the Bobcats never bothered to find a replacement. And now more folks are about to be bounced from the Bobcats, all in order to “cut costs and improve efficiencies at the team.”

Surely there must be other ways to save money besides giving loyal employees the heave-ho. Finally selling the Bobcats Arena’s naming rights to Time Warner Cable should have brought in a few extra bucks, right?

Maybe co-owner Michael Jordan can cut down on the expensive cigars and switch to Swisher Sweets. And fellow co-owner Robert Johnson could sell more BET airtime to infomercials for “Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts” - but only the ones featuring Sammy Davis, Jr.