Eckersley Talks Defecation, Masturbation On Air

Don’t live in Boston? I’ll catch you up to speed. No one likes Dennis Eckersley’s color commentary on NESN. He’s filling in while Jerry Remy recovers, and it’s pretty much a train wreck. He’s not particularly knowledgeable, his meandering anecdotes go nowhere, and he’ll out-and-out ignore the action. 

Dennis Eckersley

But we all stop to look at train wrecks, don’t we? He’s the creator of the soon-to-be catchphrase, “he’s a little gay with his cheese.” You really never know what Eck is going to say, and last night he really topped himself twice. Once with a flat-out swear, and once with a not-so-subtle Freudian slip.

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Eckersley, as former player, can be useful for giving us a look into the mindset of players. Apparently that extends to reading lips and conveying it to the audience, as he does when Kevin Youkilis gets hit by a pitch.

My two favorite things: the barely-audible “oops” Eck lets out as soon as he realizes he just cursed on the air, and the incredibly awkward silence that follows.

But an even better moment happens three innings later, when Eck intends to say that Justin Masterson is playing with the hitters. It doesn’t quite come out that way.

Why again don’t New Englanders like this guy? Obviously I hope Remy gets better quickly, but he didn’t cuss on air nearly enough.