ECHL’s Blagojevich Night Means Prison Uniforms

Not to go all MSNBC on you, but did you see Rod Blagojevich’s press conference yesterday? Holy crap, that’s the early favorite for batsh*ttiest insane moment of 2009. The impeached Illinois Governor is honestly making Stephen Colbert’s job a little too easy. But around these parts, we all know that the destination for cutting edge political satire isn’t the Daily Show or Colbert Report, but rather the ECHL.

Las Vegas Wranglers Blagojevich Jersey

Those Las Vegas Wranglers are up to their old tricks again, scheduling Rod Blagojevich night. The players will play in vintage prison uniforms, a move that’s either hilariously slanderous or slanderously hilarious. They’ll also be auctioning off the best seat to the highest bidder.

You might remember the Wranglers’ Sarah Palin night, in which they awarded a Neiman-Marcus shopping spree to one lucky hockey mom. Or Dick Cheney night, when all fans received hunting vests reading “Don’t Shoot…I’m Human!” Well, proving that politically stupidity is bipartisan, it’s time to take shots at the Illinois Governor.

The uniforms will feature broad, horizontal black and white stripes and a prison issue number that begins “ILLGOV” with the last two characters representing a specific player’s regular uniform number.

“Over the years we’ve asked our players to not look so tough for a cause,” Johnson said.  “Once they had a lot of chirping from opposing players when we’ve dressed them in pink for cancer research.  We owe them a game of looking a little more sketchy.  G-Rod helps us with that.”

Ha. “G-Rod.” Don’t ever change, Las Vegas Wranglers.