ECHL Is Once Again Best Place For Political Satire

The Sarah Palin SbB tour continues! Hey, don’t blame us, we’ve only got about a week left of her schtick before she’s never heard from again. Wait, she is doing schtick, right? She’s not really like that, right?

Sarah Palin

(Artist’s conception of Sarah shopping for furs.)

On this week’s episode, Sarah spends $150,000 on clothes in the middle of a worldwide recession. Oops! Well, one minor league hockey team took their cue from Palin, and awarded one lucky hockey mom a $150 shopping spree at Neiman-Marcus.

The ECHL’s Las Vegas Wranglers have become known for their, uh, politically aware promotions. You might remember when they gave away vests reading “Don’t Shoot…I’m Human!” back when Dick Cheney blew that guy away. Accidentally, I’m told I need to say to not get disappeared.

“A tough standard has been set,” said Wranglers President and COO Billy Johnson. “There’s a normal every day hockey mom out there dropping a 150-something-dollar shopping spree and setting the bar for ham-and-egger hockey moms.”

“We would have liked to have offered more than $150,” Johnson added, “but commas and zeroes can get expensive.”

$75,000 might seem an awful lot to be spending at Neiman-Marcus, of all places (In my head, at least half of that was spent on naughty underwear). It’s not that baffling though, when you poke around their website and see they’re offering an autographed Marty Brodeur stick for $400, or an autographed Mark Messier jersey for $800. Throw in the signed 1980 Team USA framed photo, and you’re well on your way to pissing off an entire country with fiscal irresponsibility.