Eating Bugs To Get The All-You-Can-Eat Seats

Minor league and collegiate summer baseball promotions are all over the map. They go from appearances by washed-up stars of the past to out-of-whack bobbleheads, and anything else you cant think of to get people in the seats. The CAPITAL TIMES in Madison, WI, gives us the latest in bizarre promotions.

Bug-Eating Mallards Fan

Customers of the collegiate summer league Madison Mallards ate bugs to get free tickets.

The Mallards hosted Beetle Eating Night at the Duck Pond at Warner Park, in which the first 250 people to eat a dead beetle received a free ticket to the ballpark’s all-you-can-eat-and-drink Duck Blind party deck — a $30 value.

From my limited knowledge, it’s not often that beer is included in that category, but it better well have been for the 250 who managed to swallow their pride and swallow a bug to get in. Then again, I’m guessing there was plenty of beer ingested before the bug-eating escapade.

And yes, I’m aware insects can be delicacies in many places, but I hope it was worth it — especially considering $30 doesn’t exactly get you the world anymore at today’s baseball concession stand.