East Coast Tabloids Having Fun With Bill Belichick

BELICHICK’S PEEP SHOW IS EAST COAST TABS’ HEADLINER: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY notes that the East Coast tabs today are having fun with Bill Belichick’s propensity to peep (and cheat?):

Bill Belichick

Meanwhile the PROVIDENCE JOURNAL reports NFL PR guy Greg Aiello refuted ESPN and NFL Network reports that the Pats had broken league rules by filming Jets’ sideline signals on Sunday.

Aiello also specifically denied a Chris Mortensen report that “no official determination made and that the Patriots had not been notified of any decision, nor has head coach Bill Belichick been summoned to league offices” to meet on Friday with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

UPDATE: The AP reports Belichick “apologized Wednesday for the commotion surrounding his team following accusations that his club spied on the Jets during New England’s season-opening victory in New York.