ECU Officially Out Of Ideas, Goes With ‘Pirate Out’

Hey, remember how cool it was last week that Halloween came on a Saturday? And so that way everyone could wear their costumes to the game and what a blast we all had last week, right? Last week? As in a week ago?

Get Hooked ECU Pirates
(And why don’t YOU go get f**ked, pal?)

Yeah, about that. East Carolina’s switch back to standard time must have gone horribly wrong and catapulted them five or six days back into the past, because they’re telling fans to all dress up for tonight’s game against Virginia Tech. Not only that, but everyone has to dress as pirates. Amazingly, according to BUSTER SPORTS, we aren’t even making that up.


There are black outs, blue outs, red outs & even white outs. But the BEST out ever will be our own unique PIRATE OUT.

Imagine for a moment, Dowdy Ficklen stadium filled with fans young & old dressed as Pirates! The first-ever PIRATE OUT is in the planning stages and you’re invited to participate in this historic event.

All we need now is to create a buzz & get Pirates everywhere excited about the possibilities. Can we count on you? What about all or any of your Pirate mates? Signup now & we’ll inform you monthly of our progress. You can easily unsubscribe at any time. Forward this website to everyone you know that is an ECU Pirate fan.

This might have been an awesome idea a week ago (or not), but doing it in early November? That’s like showing up to a party with a New Year’s Eve noisemaker, except it’s the 6th of January and nobody else at the party is feeling the vibe at all. Except “the party” in this analogy is America, and ECU, you’re that guy right now. And you’re dressed like a damn pirate.