Ease Your Mind: Olympic Terror Plot Was Foiled!

I’m not sure if this is mostly good news or bad news from the Associated Press. The good, of course, is that a terroristic plot was foiled. The bad? Well, um, how are these Beijing Olympics going to work out?

Beijing Olympics swimwear

From the AP:

“Chinese police killed alleged terrorists plotting to attack the Beijing Olympics, while a flight crew managed to prevent an apparent attempt to crash a Chinese jetliner in a separate case just last week, officials said Sunday. Wang Lequan, the top Communist Party official in the western region of Xinjiang, said materials seized in a January raid in the regional capital, Urumqi, had described a plot with a purpose ’specifically to sabotage the staging of the Beijing Olympics.’ ‘Their goal was very clear,’ Wang told reporters in Beijing.”

See, this is why I prefer the Winter Olympics (well, that and the ice hockey and all the fancy new events on snow). They might be an afterthought to many people, but at least they hold them in places like Salt Lake City, Vancouver and Calgary — places nobody would ever dream of detonating a bomb in the name of terrorism. You can enjoy the action without having to think about the implications. The summer games? Beijing, Athens, London, etc. Hotbeds of trouble.