Eagles DT’s Home Robbed Of Video Games, Guns

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley had a pretty rough weekend. Not only did his team lose a (meaningless) preseason game to the Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night, but when he returned to his house Saturday, he found that burglars had ransacked his place and stole $7,950 worth of merchandise.

Brodrick Bunkley

The complete haul by the thieves, including guns, video games and cameras, is impressive to say the least. Details of the heist after the jump.


Bunkley reported a PlayStation 3, an XBox 360, a Nintendo Wii and a $600 camcorder among his missing items.

Also gone was his collection of firearms: two Desert Eagle .50-caliber handguns, an Armalite rifle, a custom-made .223-caliber rifle, a .45-caliber Glock handgun and ammunition for all of the weapons, the records show.

While the police currently have no leads, they might want to start their search with someone else who lives in the same housing development as Bunkley: Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

There’s no doubt that if police raided Mornhinweg’s place, they’d find him right now sitting in his living room wearing nothing but tighty whities, drool coming down his mouth while he plays Madden 09 on his “new” PS3, every now and then celebrating touchdowns by firing gunshots through his ceiling.