Eagles Slay Vikings, Keep Improbable Run Going

Hey, remember when Donovan McNabb went from the laughingstock of the NFL after admitting not knowing the rules of overtime to the Eagles’ bench - replaced by Kevin Kolb! - after a horrible first half against the Ravens. And when Andy Reid was practically a dead man walking in Philadelphia, with the only questions being who would replace him and where he would eventually land.

Kendra Wilkinson, fiance of Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett

(Kendra Wilkinson, fiance of Eagles WR Hank Baskett, enjoyed the win)

Well, who is laughing now? (Actually, I still am about the overtime tie thing, because that’s still ridiculous.) At the least, the Vikings have to deal with the realization that they lost to a team quarterbacked by a guy who doesn’t know the basic rules of football, after the Eagles marched into Minnesota and promptly manhandled the Vikings in a 26-14 victory.

McNabb played like he has throughout the Eagles’ improbable run to the postseason - brilliant. He threw for 300 yards, and led the team on a day where - big surprise - the running game was practically nonexistent. But even though he was held to just 38 yards rushing, Eagles RB Brian Westbrook still delivered the game-changing play, as his 71-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown on a screen pass gave the Eagles a 23-14 lead that proved insurmountable.

And why was it insurmountable? Because Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson forgot how he played since returning to the starting line-up, and looked like the shellshocked, confused second-year player who was benched early in the season. He turned in a woeful 15-for-35 performance that included a dreaded Pick 6 thrown to the Eagles Asante Samuel, his NFL-record fourth career return for a TD in the postseason.

So the Vikings are out and the Eagles go on the road to face the New York Giants - a team they beat on the road earlier this season. Are you ready for an Eagles vs. Cardinals NFC Championship Game? This season, anything is possible.