“Eagles Site Gives Skin Magazines Competition”

With over 6,000 photos of beautiful women, many in bikinis, on this website, I confess to not being a prude. But I can’t say the same for Ed Bouchette of the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE.

Eagles Cheerleader Warning

(Hmmm, where have I seen this warning before?)

In a recent NFL notes column, Bouchette wrote, “remember when most everyone in the NFL became highly upset when an ABC-TV promotion featuring wide receiver Terrell Owens and “Desperate Housewives” star Nicollette Sheridan appeared before a Monday Night game in 2004? The league practically forced ABC to apologize for the sexually suggestive ad.

Perhaps the league should turn its sights in-house if they are concerned so much about sex and its viewing public. All anyone needs to do is go to Philadelphia-Eagles.com.

Philadelphia Eagles Lingerie Calendar Photos

Wait, so there’s something sexually suggestive on the Eagles website? Sounds like cause for a thorough investigation into the matter. Thanks Ed!

It is rather amusing to see the welcome screen on the front of the Eagles Cheerleader area on the team’s website that reads, “You are now on your way to the Eagles Cheerleaders section of our site. Please note, this area contains mature content.

Bouchette characterizes that content as, “What’s next does not rival Cinemax after midnight, but it gives some skin magazines competition.

Philadelphia Eagles Lingerie Calendar Photos

Skin magazines? As in porn? Perhaps Bouchette hasn’t visited a newsstand in awhile. Or checked under a bowling alley cigarette machine. But when I navigated through the cheerleaders pages, I didn’t see any orifice-invasion-related content.

Having small children on the site I suppose could be a concern, but when you consider the ready-to-explode, teeny-weeny digs the league’s cheerleaders already sport in public, it’s a moot point.

Pittsburgh Steelerettes Cheerleaders

(No wonder they call it the Steel City!)

Bouchette’s reaction is understandable though, after witnessing the Steelers now-defunct cheerleading squad. (Go you hairy Steelerettes!)