EA Sports Jostens Offers Madden08 Rings To Game Players

EA SPORTS INVENTS YET ANOTHER WAY TO NEVER GET LAID: Videogame maker EA Sports and Jostens today made the inevitable reality today, rolling out rings based on a player’s “Madden NFL 08″ level of skill.

Madden 08 Ring

Sadly, we now know that “rings can be customized to match a player’s advancement through five levels of the game. When a player reaches level three, the ring can be bought through Jostens’ Web site with a code provided within the videogame. Rings will range in price from $149-495.

Madden 08 Ring Funny Hair

Here’s our question: What does such a Madden 08 ringbearer (who is obviously single) do in a social setting when an attractive young lady queries him about his hard-won jewelry? On second thought, that’ll never happen, considering such a person only emerges from his darkened dwelling bi-monthly to freshen up his supply of hand-fattening edibles at the closest (by zip code search) Circle K.