EA: Plz Allow Me To Stop Writing About Nude Vids

A little perplexed at the news out yesterday that Erin Andrews will be appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s Sept. 11 show to discuss the nude videos of her that appeared on the internet. Yes, it’s a horrific thing that happened, and something you would assume Andrews’ would want to rid her psyche of as soon as possible.

Erin Andrews

(Don’t want to write about Andrews’ nude vids anymore? Not yet, kiddo)

So why then is she going on Oprah to discuss the nude videos in front of an audience numbering in the tens of millions, the majority of whom have never heard of Erin Andrews? In other words, news of the videos will be introduced to countless more millions who otherwise wouldn’t have known they existed.

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Cathartic? Doesn’t sound like it. Opposite Day? Yep.

In the past I’ve noted that Andrews has said celebrity gossip site TMZ.com is her favorite website. And she’s also hinted in the past year that she wouldn’t rule out a possible career in the entertainment field. But I don’t want to believe that she’s using the Oprah interview as a publicity vehicle to that end.

So why then the appearance on the most-watched talkshow on televison, featuring an audience that mostly has no clue who she is?

As a student of these sorts of viral video-based stories, I’m pretty confident that if Andrews didn’t go on Oprah, interest in the videos would fade away to zero sooner than you probably think. As would the possible inappropriate behavior of fans at games she’s covering.

Somehow though I think it wasn’t her sports broadcasting career that she took into account when she booked the sitdown.