EA Had Secret Service-Trained Bodyguard On Thu.

Since the Big National Hotel Peephole Incident and her subsequent venting on “Oprah,” keeping Erin Andrews safe is simply no longer going to be left to amateurs. According to North Carolina State’s campus newspaper, EA’s security for her return to the sideline at the NC State-South Carolina football game on Thursday was trained by the Secret Service.

Erin Andrews

Jack Bauer: “I am a sworn federal agent, here to protect Erin Andrews. Damn it, she’s down there by herself and one of those frat kids could go off at any second. We’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”


The national coverage for State’s home opener against South Carolina also brought a set of concerns.

“We started coordinating with ESPN about three weeks ago because they bring in millions of dollars of equipment. We bring in officers for security purposes for their equipment,” Raleigh chief of police Tom C. Younce said. “It really is a big operation.”

In addition, the fanfare associated with celebrity reporter Erin Andrews required special attention.

“We have an officer assigned to her in addition to her bodyguards,” Younce said. “We have some officers trained in security. Secret service trained us so that is one of our officers is assigned to her.”

By all accounts Andrews’ return to the ESPN college football sidelines went well, and was uneventful - except for when Steve Spurrier was tackled by agents for fumbling around in his pockets too long.

H/t to BUSTED COVERAGE, who wonders, “How long before EA has to ride around in a Pope-Mobile?”