Dying At Blackhawks Games Is A Family Tradition

It’s an inevitable part of life that we all start to take on the personality traits and habits of our parents. No matter how hard we try as teenagers to be the polar opposites of the people who gave us life, in the end it’s generally a losing battle. In a lot of cases our parents are usually the deciding factor in which teams we root for, as the only reason I’m a White Sox fan instead of a Cubs fan is because my father is a White Sox fan.

Of course, just because we take after our parents that doesn’t mean we need to live the exact same lives. At least, I don’t think you have to. Some families seem to believe otherwise, like the Kuhlman family of Chicago. They’re all Chicago Blackhawks fans, and they seem to have developed a new family tradition in which they die while attending Blackhawks games.


While watching her favorite team, the Blackhawks, play at the United Center on Monday, Marguerite Kuhlman collapsed and later died.

Patricia and Dorothea Kuhlman said that even more peculiar than the death of their sister, 68, at the hockey game is the fact that their mother died under similar circumstances nearly 22 years ago. Mildred Kuhlman died March 30, 1986, while attending a Blackhawks game at Chicago Stadium, Patricia Kuhlman said.

“We’ve been hockey fans for many, many years,” Patricia Kuhlman said. “People laugh at us because we’re old ladies who like to go to hockey games.”

So going to a Blackhawks game is now right up there with cancer and heart disease as the leading cause of death in Chicagoans. Something tells me that Patricia and Dorothea Kuhlman may want to consider selling their season tickets as it will probably add five to ten years to their lives.