Dye On Dustin: Ray Charles Could’ve Seen Bunker

It only took a month for us to get the definitive quip on the Dustin Johnson bunker shot debacle at the PGA Championship in Wisconsin last month.

Photo of bunker Dustin Johnson hit out of on Sunday at 18

While golfing in Indiana last weekend, Gary D’Amato of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL happened up the designer of the Whistling Straits course Pete Dye.

Naturally, as a golf writer from Wisconsin, D’Amato asked Dye what he thought of Johnson being penalized for grounding his club on the PGA Championship’s 72nd hole, eliminating the golfer’s chance to win the tourney.

“I was standing right there. When he hit the ball in the bunker, the referee walked up to him and said, ‘Do you need anything?’ and Dustin said, ‘No, I’m good.’ There were no beer cans in the bunker, there were no chicken bones in there. Ray Charles could have seen it was a bunker.”

Dye had previously noted that Johnson was in the wrong for not treating the lipped, sandy patch as a bunker, but thankfully D’Amato caught him a considerably more candid moment on Saturday.

While amusing, Dye’s latter analysis is also spot on - especially after viewing photos of the sand trap without the gallery.

The better question to put to Dye would’ve been why the PGA was held on a track where spectators occupy obvious bunkers in the first place.