Dwyane Wade, NBA On Healthy Eating: Cookies?

According to a study done back in 2007, the United States is the 9th fattest country in the world. Some country called Nauru came in as the fattest, having 94.7% of it’s citizens over the age of 15 considered overweight. Of course, we here in America can’t stand finishing in second place at anything, let alone ninth, so somebody has to do something.

That person is Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade. Not content with only helping restore order in the global landscape of basketball by winning a gold medal with the United States basketball team in Beijing last month, D-Wade has now set his sights on making the U.S. the fattest country in the world.

Dwyane Wade Cake

As Henry Abbott pointed out at TRUEHOOP yesterday morning, Wade is taking part in a campaign between the NBA and Pepperidge Farm for the NBA FIT program that hopes to teach kids the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

The partnership was announced last February, and also included Wade’s Olympic teammate Chris Bosh.


As part of a continued effort to encourage an active lifestyle among America’s youth, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish(R) brand will serve as a partner of the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA and the NBA FIT Program, a health and wellness initiative that inspires youth to make healthy life decisions by encouraging proper eating habits and regular exercise. In support of this new partnership, NBA All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will serve as program ambassadors.

You know, because the best way to get the kids to eat healthy is by shoving goldfish crackers, sausalitos, and soft baked chocolate chunk cookies down their throats.

Hey, maybe we can get the NBA and Pepperidge Farm to strike a deal with the Oakland Athletics. Cookies are fun and all, but they’re much more fun when you combine them with root beer floats. Together they can fight both obesity and diabetes through sweet sugary goodness!