Dwyane Wade Is Mean, Mean, Mean (With Video)

If there’s one thing we especially appreciate from athletes, it’s a sense of humor. Sure, that probably goes for everybody, not just athletes, but the last thing someone with an annual salary with more zeroes than a comic book convention (Get it? Because they’re nerds! BAAA-ZING!) needs is an over-inflated sense of entitlement.

Dwyane Wade's Fan
(No, it’s not real. You’ll see.)

So we’re happy to note that Dwyane Wade was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show recently, which is so much better than being in the Finals. Kimmel, having a devious sense of humor, set up a fake autograph session with Wade and Kimmel’s cousin Sal as a handler. The premise is simple: Wade’s only signing autographs for people who are handicapped or injured. One fan shows up without anything, y’know, wrong with him. Aaaaand roll clip:

(video courtesy of FANDOME)

Wade’s ability to stay deadpan calm through most of it (though, SPOILER ALERT, he’s the one that “breaks” first) is impressive; we’d have been laughing as soon as we saw the hastily placed bandages.

Moreover, it’s innocent fun, the type of fluff that repairs an image that can use the help, what with the stories (lies?) about Wade’s sordid off-court behavior. Did he really have to say “That’s G!”, though? Really? Can’t stop pushing that Gatorade for one skit? Bite me.